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Affiliates: Promote Nuclear Blogger and Earn 50% Commission

June 23, 2017

Affiliates: Promote Nuclear Blogger and Earn 50% Commission

Welcome To The Nuclear Blogger Joint Venture Page

You will earn 50% commission on selling our CREATE AN EFFECTIVE WORDPRESS BLOG IN MINUTES course

The product currently sells at $47 dollars so you just need to do the maths to see that you are going to be pretty generously rewarded for your efforts.

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I have just come across this amazing course that will help you brand yourself in minutes and become a top blogger. It has been put together by pro-bloggers Mathew Newill and Peter Chapman. The course is complete with easy to follow videos and expert text copy.

No stone is unturned to ensure you get a blog up on the internet, fully monetised and integrated with a professional email auto-responder and linked to facebook and twitter.

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Blogs & Article Marketing

It wouldn’t be appropriate to promote a course on blogging without a blog post, would it?
He is a sample blog post that you can adapt to your own style. Please don’t use the content verbatim…you want to put your own slant on it. You can also use this content for article marketing. We have listed some sites for you below.


Have you ever thought about creating a weblog? There are many, many advantages in creating and maintaining a word press blog.

Whether you are a corporate organisation, a hobby enthusiast, internet marketer, community group or
a social networker having a blog will help you communicate with a much bigger audience than you are already.

Here are some of the benefits of having a blog:
1. The search engines love a good blog
2. It allows you to develop two way communication with your audience.
3. It helps you build your brand.
4. You will be set apart from your competition.
5. You will be able to build a presence on the social networks
6. A blog can position you as an Expert.
7. It is a low cost.

The question is: How Do I Get Started?

Well two Pro-bloggers Matthew Newill and Pete Chapman, the owners of NuclearBlogger.com might just have the solution for you.

They have just created a brand new, affordable course to help beginners create a WordPress blog from scratch. The course is complete with easy to follow screenshot videos and expert instruction that will help you create a blog within the day.

What will this amazing course do for you:
• It will show you how to build a professional looking blog from scratch
• How to get inexpensive and reliable server hosting
• Where to go for the most effective and easy to use wordpress theme
• It will show you step by step how to get your blog recognised on the search engines
• How to plug in your blog to facebook and twitter
• How to build a big list of subscribers who will read your every word!
• We will introduce you to an amazing *free* social tribe that will make sure your blog has lots of excellent feedback and recognition
• Where to get the information that you need to publish relevant content
• How to blog for profit!
• Continuing support from our nuclear blogger blog and newsletter

In short, within hours you WILL have a PROFESSIONAL LOOKING BLOG and have continuing support from two top Pro-Bloggers through the NUCLEAR BLOGGER Newsletter and blog.

I bet if you search the internet for all the top leaders in your niche or topic interest most of them will have a blog, linked to their website and social networking platforms. Many individual marketers, hobbyists, lobbyists, interest group leaders use the blogging platform as their main source of contact with their customers.

This course beats anything I have seen for value for money and it has been created by very sincere guys who are committed to helping you succeed. Makes sense to check it out here: http://xxxxx.nuclearb.hop.clickbank.net

Here is a list of the most popular article directories online:

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